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What is Social Zen?

It’s The Ultimate Web App That You Can Use To Build & Grow Your Social Following 100% Hands Free. It’s Fully Automated.

What makes Social Zen different from all other social application released is the fact that they are only manual & scheduled posters, Social Zen is fully automated all you have to do, is add your account, enter your niche or keywords and activate the campaign and Social Zen will start to work to building your following across multiple platforms with likes, comments, follows, pins etc. With Social Zen You can achieve up to 1200 likes, 300 comments, 350 follows per day.

Social Zen key features

  • Social Zen supports 7 different platforms (Facebook,Instagram.Twitter, Pinterest,Tumblr Google Plus, Linkedin)
  • 100% Fully Handfree Automation
  • geo target your audience based on location
  • set automation speed of the campaign
  • schedule automated postings
  • auto likes, comments, follows, pins daily
  • Get real time activity and analytics from inside the app

Social Zen consists of several
powerful modules such as

  • Auto Social ( this is where true automation takes place)
  • Social Tracker (See Live Trends, Search for Trends, Track Social activity Based On Your Keyword Entered)
  • Auto Poster (managed multiple accounts, scheduled posted out, bulk media upload, and post from your wordpress, open cart, magento, shopify sites
  • Instagram Instant Likesand Instant Gram Stories.
  • Image Editor: Create Images with Qoutes using API to find millions of powerful quotes from inside the app that you can post to your social profile
  • Link Cloaker as well to cloak your links from getting blocked ( generate up to 50 cloaked link from a single link at the push of a button.
  • Auto generate bulk bitly urls for your posting campaigns.

Social Automation

Social Tracker

  • Tracking new contents by keywords from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Search for hot trends from Twitter and Instagram
  • Search photos and videos from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube
  • Favorite photos and videos.

Auto Poster

  • Schedule posts your photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google Plus
  • Import photos from WordPress, Opencart, Magento, Shopify and post to All social network sites.
  • Scheduler Stories to Instagram

Instagram Instant Likes &  Influencers 

OTO1 Feature

  • Auto send likes to every new post of your Instagram accounts. This way it will gain more likes for your photos. Make it look more active and als bring more views to your posts.

Image Editor & Quotes Builder

  • Create new photo contents and post them to your social media accounts
  • Search Quotes by keywords and create viral photos then post to your social media accounts.

Link AutoGenerator

  • Auto generate up to 50 bulk bitly urls from a single url for your posting campaigns

Sales Funnel

( unlimited powerful social
accounts, import from your
wordpress, opencart, magento
and shopify sites to post)

Recurring Payment Options

Create Powerful Quotes Create Images with Quotes using API to find millions of powerful quotes from inside the app that you can post to your social profile.

generated up to 50 cloaked link
from a single link at the push
of a button.

Software Demo

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New Software Builds Social Following 24/7 Non Stop
[Coming Soon] Hand Free Social Media Marketing
New App Dominates Social Media with a few clicks


Experts agree that social media is the new word of mouth advertising.
People look to social media to see how you interact with customers,
and see what others are saying about your business.

You can’t stay invisible and expect to stay in business any longer.

To drive as much traffic as you can on social media, you need to build a presence on all the big platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

But as you may already know, it takes HOURS to post to all of these networks individually.

Or it did until now.

Tomorrow, a new web-based software comes out called “Social Zen.”

Now you can post to all of the above social networks with a single click . . .
Which means YOU can be seen everywhere your audience hangs out
in just a fraction of the time it would take to post to all of the various social platforms.

Get the word out about your offers without any additional effort.

Build your brand. Get more sales & traffic with the push of a button.

Watch for my email at 11am EST tomorrow.

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Social Zen is live!
The ultimate tool for social automation?
New Software Does 1-click posting & engagement to ALL of your social accounts


A brand-new tool that automates all of your social media posting just went live.

Social Zen lets you schedule and post to the following social networks with 1-click.
Forget about tedious cutting and pasting content to your networks!

It can post simultaneously to:

Facebook (Pages AND Groups)

There’s no better way to gain trust and visibility than social media.
(And that leads directly to more sales!)

Now you can cut your posting time to a mere fraction . . . and make sure your content gets seen where YOUR audience hangs out most.

Check out the demo video now:


And if you hurry, you can score additional savings during the next 24 hours. . . so don’t wait!


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P.S. If you’d like some additional social media power, check out OTO1.
It has some very cool advanced features like ‘autolikes’ to your Instagram
posts to gain even more views and followers from your content!


Build trust for a bigger list. Here’s how . . .
ENORMOUS traffic source for list builders
Want a BIG list? Become an authority!


Consumers are more educated than ever before.

When they are thinking about investing in your products or services
you can bet they are checking you out on social media.

So you NEED to be seen showing off your authority on social media.

The only problem is it’s so time consuming to log in and out of all of your
social accounts . . . especially if you’re posting several times per day.

Which you SHOULD be to build the kind of trust that leads to sales.

Enter Social Zen:


Social Zen is your easy button to building a powerful social presence.

It schedules and posts all at once to:

Facebook (Groups & FanPages)

Check out the demo to discover how much time you can save . . .
while growing your social following and influence.


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P.S. Did you know that sharing quotes over social media is a sure-fire
tactic for getting more engagement and shares to your posts?

Check out OTO2 for a very cool quote building tool upgrade for Social Zen.



1-click to targeted FREE traffic?
Floods of social traffic on with 1-click
FREE targeted social traffic floods your site?


Everyone wants traffic – but not everyone wants to pay for it!

And why would you when there’s FREE social traffic there for the taking?

After all, people love to engage with and share great content
with their friends. The right kind of posts can even get you viral shares!

There’s only one drawback…it’s SO time consuming to log in-and-out
of social accounts . . . and cut and paste your content to each network.
Now you’ll never have to face this hassle again.
Because now there’s Social Zen.

With 1 click you can send your best content to:

Facebook (Groups & FanPages)

Check the demo video out:


There’s no faster way to grow trust and authority than social media.
And there’s a direct link from growing your trust to more leads and sales.

So if your ready to explode your list and sales . . .

Get Social Zen now . . .and enjoy special launch savings!


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P.S. If you’re interested in even MORE features to get followers
fast, be sure to check out OTO 1.


Last call for Social Zen
Hours Away – Social Zen is closing
Last chance for Social Zen


Hey all,

Just wanted to give you a quick head’s up.

The easiest (and fastest!) way to post to all of your social accounts
with 1-click closes tonight. It’s called Social Zen, and it does
the hard work of managing your social accounts.

Check out the demo video here:


Simply log in to a single dashboard, and send out your content to:

Facebook (Groups & FanPages)

No more spending hours in tedious posting!
Build your following, authority and sales fast.

Grab this one fast….this price WILL price post launch!


{Sign off}

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